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Read Our Article In Expat Money

As some of you may already be familiar with the Expat Money publication already, if not then we are pleased to introduce you. Click Here To Read Expat Money You can find our article on page 106 in the property section, it is packed with useful information for expatriates in the UAE. Click Here To…
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Stamp Duty Thresholds & Calculator 2014

As some of you will already know, as of the 4th December 2014 the thresholds for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) have been changed. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne announced yesterday that SDLT will be cut for 98% of homebuyers in his Autumn Statement. From midnight tonight the UK will switch from the…
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Tightening On Lending For Buy To Let Property

Lending to Buy-to-Let borrowers could get a lot tougher! This will primarily impact the South of England. The recent news that the Bank of England have requested extra powers to control lending to buy-to-let borrowers could mean that some landlords will have to find a 40% deposit. The powers sought by the bank’s financial policy…
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Cash or Finance?

Cash Or Finance - is this still the Question ? In an atmosphere of 'potential for rising interest rates', which can be confusing information at a time when Mortgage Lenders appear to be reducing rates. Should property investors still finance all purchases if they can? or purchase with cash where they can? CASH There is…
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AVERAGE House Prices In The News AGAIN!

AVERAGE House Prices In The News AGAIN! There is constant news about the UK property market in the press, particularly in times of 'unsustainable rises' or 'out of control falls' as we know this is what makes a good story, no one wants to read about a steady growth or a predictable fall, or so…
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Buy to Let Mortgages

Never A Lender Or Borrower Be! Unless of course it reduces your borrowing costs or provides a reasonable income. There is a new phenomenon in the investment world, with ‘power to the people’; Crowd Funding or pooled investment has made its way into the standard investment market. It is now possible through a pooling of…
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How To Calculate Rental Yield?

How To Calculate A Rental Yield? What Is Gross Yield? Gross Yield is the annual return on investment before the deduction of taxes and expenses. Gross yield is usually expressed in percentage terms and is most commonly used in Property and Bond transactions. How to Calculate Gross Yield? Step 1. Take the rental price of…
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Property Finance – Repayment or Interest Only Property Finance

A number of our clients are first time Buy to Let Landlords or even accidental landlords who have applied for permission to rent their previous home out, whilst they are overseas. No matter what your situation, as an expatriate property owner the repayment or interest only finance question is an important one, however take heed…
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All UK Letting Agents to report to HMRC from June 1st 2014

From June 1st 2014 all UK letting agents are obliged to report to HMRC, all gross rents paid to 'non resident landlords'. When a statutory notice from the Inland Revenue arrives on your desk, it tends to gain your attention, and it certainly did ours. Since the end of 2013 we have been notifying all…
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