The UK Mortgage Market Review & The Expatriate Or Foreign Investor

Once upon a time there was a business relationship between UK banks and overseas property investors that was open, transparent and as investors were keen to buy, banks were keen to lend.   Unfortunately that is where the ‘story’ stalls, as there is no ‘happy ending’!   As the property market went into decline from…
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Unmortgageable Properties

Not every property ‘For Sale’ or in an auction is acceptable by Buy to Let Lenders, in fact some properties can be only suitable for cash buyers.   Some of the standard reasons for a Bank refusing to lend, are obvious at outset and can be avoided such as no kitchen or bathroom, on the…
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UK Interest rates 24th January 2014

We covered the predictions for interest rates in the Uk a number of times last, ever since the Bank of England linked rates to unemployment levels. With the desired improvements in the economy and reduction in unemployment, we are very close to the 7% magic number, with recent unemployment figures showing further reduction to 7.1%.…
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