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Freehold Leasehold What Are The Differences

One of the most important factors in property purchase relates to whether you are purchasing the property and the land (Freehold) or simply the part or the whole of the property and leasing the land (Leasehold)? Do you understand the differences and the implications? Freehold ownership means that the land is owned as well as the…
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Can you feel the squeeze on Buy To Lets

As you are a buy-to-let investor, you'd be forgiven for feeling rather despondent following the Chancellor's recent crackdown. A stamp duty hike for buy-to-let purchases has already arrived - with a corresponding spike in sales beforehand - and mortgage interest relief for tax on rental income will start to be hacked back next April. Add…
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Where Are The Best Places to Buy a Rental Property?

If the tax changes haven't deterred you and you're still looking to invest in a buy-to-let property, where are the best locations? For those who have yield as their ultimate goal, a list of the most attractive buy-to-let locations have been revealed. There will be no surprise for most investors that these are in the…
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