Investors Considerations

There are a number of considerations to be made prior to property purchase, whether you are purchasing an investment House or a Home for your family, this is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive investments you will make in your lifetime. Before you go ahead, read our 21 tips for buying a property


Usually the time spent overseas, changes your view on where you wish to live upon your return to the UK. Rarely is the home that you left behind still available or even suitable. Because of this a number of expatriates defer property purchase until a year or so before return.
However, our clients realise that a “foot on the property ladder” could provide capital gain and/or income, as well as important identity record through the credit or electoral records, and therefore look at property investment as a smart move into investment and repatriation planning.


We recognize that the ‘promise’ of Gain or Yield is the usual approach to property investment and we all see the projections of 20% gain or 15% yield a regular basis. We are happy to show you the “Actual Return”, net of all costs, achieved on behalf of our clients and how best to assess these returns in advance and to plan the exit strategy before you have entered the property market. We can illustrate all of the purchase and management costs, as well as the tax implications and ensure that you enter with eyes wide open to the potential returns and the risks. Click Here to read our Averages & Yield Page

Where is the opportunity?

Opportunity can come in many forms, ranging from New Build opportunities to Distressed opportunities, even ‘being in the know’ opportunities. We can find opportunity in the open market, but usually it is well disguised within a price, within a property or even within a vendors thoughts and wishes, but it is not always obvious… This part of our site is dedicated to regularly bringing you opportunities in all sectors, whatever your preference and we will add and amend the entries as they arise… So watch this space, as opportunities are not usually around for long… If you are seeking a particular type of opportunity, why not Contact Us and we will do our best to find it for you.

What Are The Cost Of Maintaining A Buy To Let

All property investment comes with Landlord responsibility for maintenance.
Some of those responsibilities are obligations by law, some are on an adhoc basis and some are generally just ‘good practise’.
It is crucial to note that several maintenance costs do not increase nor decrease with any correlation to your property value.

For example, a Boiler replacement is expensive. For a £40,000 property a replacement Boiler installed is around £1,800 (inclusive of labour & VAT).
The price is the same for a £80,000 property (subject to property size).
Therefore, the impact is directly on your investment return. A cost of £1800 can be a 37% of annual rent on a £40,000 property versus 27% on a £80,000.

The same calculation is crucial when assessing any fixed costs, such as Gas Certificates, Boiler Servicing, Buildings Insurance etc.

Homes or Houses, cannot control maintenance requirements that are legal obligations, or those that are unpredictable such as a leaking sink or a boiler fault. We can however assist you in the management of preventative maintenance or indeed the negotiation at purchase, in reductions in asking price where we are able to assess the likelihood of maintenance requirements in advance.

For example; as a general ‘rule of thumb’ if the central heating (boilers/radiators) was installed over 7 years ago, the likelihood of replacement or faults increases significantly. But if a boiler has been regularly serviced and maintained well, this risk reduces. Building in the potential for these types of expenditures at the point of purchase will always help to manage your budget going forward.

Annual Rent Vs Expected Costs

Why Choose Homes Or Houses?

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