Types Of Opportunity

Opportunity can come in many forms, ranging from New Build opportunities to Distressed opportunities, even 'being in the know' opportunities.

We can find opportunity in the open market, but usually it is well disguised within a price, within a property or even within a vendors thoughts and wishes, but it is not always obvious...

This part of our site is dedicated to regularly bringing you opportunities in all sectors, whatever your preference and we will add and amend the entries as they arise...

So watch this space, as opportunities are not usually around for long...

If you are seeking a particular type of opportunity, why not Contact Us and we will do out best to find it for you.

Open Market

The open market is the most usual and recognizable way to access properties for sale.There is no doubt in our opinion that the market leader in search facilities is Rightmove, but there are also lots of other options such as Zoopla, Prime location and findaproperty.com…

Off Market

For a property to be classified as Off Market, it usually means, there is no advertising, no agent and more often than not, the only method of even communicating a property ‘could’ be for sale is verbally.
We have a wide network to find properties before they enter the market.

New Build

We are very particular about the ‘New Build’ opportunities, we recommend. We are believers in investment with Developers, but only under certain conditions. These would be at the very start of the Development when they are keen to make the first sales, or at the end of a Development, where the Developer is keen to move off site.

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