Fees & Payment

Click here to download your copy of the Homes or Houses 2020 Fee Schedule

The fees for our services are declared at outset and are fixed throughout the process and transparent to you the property purchaser.

We initially request an intention to proceed fee. This fee is to appoint us to start the search, with the knowledge that you are committed to the search and the purchase and that we can focus our resources on analysing, viewing and sourcing specifically for you.

As all of our client relationships are at a distance, the intention to proceed fee is a commitment at the very outset. It covers all searches, all purchases in the future and is payable only once.

It is intended to allow clients to assess whether they wish to utilise a service such as ours, which obviously has a cost which would not be incurred by you if you were to manage the search, purchase, letting and management yourself. We are recognised as buyer’s agents in the market. We are taken very seriously by agents/developers/solicitors and the associated services. If we made offers on behalf of clients and did not proceed, due to a change of heart, then it would not take many failed purchases for this credibility to evaporate and therefore whilst you are not in the country and are unknown to service providers, we have to be as confident as we can be that you intend and are able to proceed.

From this point on our fees are success based and will only become payable when you legally exchange contracts on your property OR if we appoint an external party to act on your behalf and after receiving your instruction to proceed (such a service maybe a structural survey for example).

Our fees reflect the number of properties you purchase and reduce as your portfolio builds.


Please note: We are no longer able to accept payment details online via our website for rent or maintenance fees.
If you wish to pay by credit card or debit card, please call our office direct via
0191 414 1744, where we can take a payment over the telephone or alternatively we can provide you with contact bank details to arrange a transfer.
(This change is required to ensure correct amounts are received)


If you are a Investor and wish to make a payment to Homes Or Houses or pay a invoice , please click the button below.

Please be aware UK cards are subject to a fee of 3.5%. International Debit or Credit Cards are subject to a fee of 5%.