Weekly Summary 3rd July 2020 

‘Here we go’ week with a ‘dip’ in the news tone… expect this up and down of positive to negative to positive to….. you know how it goes. This is the usual flow when there is no certainty for anyone, where opinions abound across the spectrum 

House prices in the UK are now falling – but will they crash? My opinion is I do not think so… but that’s my opinion, and I am not in one of the volatile speculative areas of the UK so I would say that… wouldn’t I? Do we have a clear outlook? No. Are we still living in uncertainty? Yes… now is not the time that anyone can ‘guess and that’s what is appearing… hopeful guessing, whatever your view! 

Where Next for UK Property Funds? This article caught my eye in the morning star, and given commercial businesses are opening up again (4TH July opening for Pubs and Restaurants? deliberate timing by Boris?) and the article we shared on Property Funds in our Weekly Summary of the 19th June… this is a next step… A property fund, the BMO Property Growth and Income fund, has removed its restriction on withdrawals (known as the gate) Note: This fund invests in ‘shares’ in property companies and not physical assets… and is weighted towards industrial… and not retail… 

As we come to the end of the three-month deferral or reduction Landlords afforded Tenants, it is important to read the information that Tenants are receiving from Shelter… the go to for Housing advice 

The well reported Recovery Speech that Boris Johnson made on the 30th June covered housing in some detail…… if you have the time… the full speech transcript is here will he be held to this, yes I sure he will be at least in parliament 




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