Weekly Summary 7th August 2020 

Up we go, down we go…. Loads and loads of news out there 

Now prices are going UP again, says latest Nationwide index  

This really is going to be a roller coaster of a period… down in June, Up in July! 


North West UK lockdown excludes house moves, Propertymark confirms 

The property market is slow to react to the ups and downs, but a lockdown of agents and Solicitors would have been disastrous for the North West property market coming only three months after the first lock down Phew! 


Property investors head north for higher returns 

The North seems to have changed from Watford Gap to Manchester as far as London reporters are concerned… but we are seeing an awful lot more enquiries for the North East as Manchester and Liverpool start to feel a little overpriced. 


An increase in tenant demand could put upward pressure on rental values 

We have 4 vacant properties… and all have active viewings or applications in progress… never have we known a 1% vacancy rate when the usual percentage is 7/8% for the industry… could rents rise on pure demand…. Are landlords starting to serve eviction notices, are tenants downsizing or even upgrading due to working from home… who knows at the moment, all of the above have been cited as reasoning. 


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