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Opportunity can come in many forms, ranging from New Build opportunities to Distressed opportunities, even ‘being in the know’ opportunities.

We can find opportunity in the open market, but usually it is well disguised within a price, within a property or even within a vendors thoughts and wishes, but it is not always obvious…

If you are seeking a particular type of opportunity, why not Contact Us and we will do out best to find it for you.


The open market is the most usual and recognizable way to access properties for sale.

There is no doubt in our opinion that the market leader in search facilities is Rightmove, but there are also lots of other options such as Zoopla and Prime location … of course the traditional route of Estate Agents and the local press is still available, however High Street Branches and Weekend supplements are being circumvented for the internet.

In the open market it is possible to find sold prices from the search engines or the land registry and therefore there is a fair amount of data available for research.

In addition, Specialist software, used by companies such as ourselves, can access even more detail about length of time on the marketing and previous pricing, which can all help in forming a picture of value and history.

There can still be an issue with quality or impression formed with photographs on the web and clever photography can and is used, so a physical viewing should always take place.

There are a huge number of properties available on the open market and this is the standard way to buy and sell, but consequently there are a huge number of buyers using the open market too and consequently in peak or bubble times, or in extremely popular areas, there is significant competition for the good property.


For a property to be classified as Off Market, it usually means, there is no advertising, no agent and more often than not, the only method of even communicating a property ‘could’ be for sale is verbally.

These are properties where the owner or their representative contacts us directly and can be ‘off market’ for a number of reasons. The usual situations are a private family sale, a distressed financial position, or even a wish to move the value of the asset to an alternative project.

Repossessed properties are not usually off market, as there is an obligation by the Financier to achieve best market value for the property, however commercial properties or portfolios that are about to be repossessed do arise Off Market for obvious reasons.


A new build property is ideal for those investors seeking a low maintenance investment. The developer provides a two year warranty on fixtures and fittings (central heating, showers, appliances etc.) and a ten year guarantee on the structure. No more concerns around breakdowns or faults. Attracting tenants has never been easier, like a new car, most tenants love a new house… minimise your costs and maximise your income – Buy a freehold new build.


Homes or Houses provides a sourcing, management and sales service for expatriates and foreign individuals looking to buy, sell or let property in the UK.

Our services will be of interest to you if you are based overseas and currently own one or multiple properties in the UK as Buy to Lets. We will also be of interest if you currently have no property but would like to start to build a portfolio either for Income or Future capital gain.


  • Assist you in the decision to assess if property investment is for you.
  • Assist you in the sourcing a portfolio of properties.
  • Assist you in assessing if your current portfolio is sufficiently diversified for risk purposes and tax efficiency.
  • Assist you in the letting and management of Buy to Let properties.
  • Assist you in management of maintenance of the property.
  • Assist you in the sale of your portfolio.

It’s only natural for you to have further questions about working with Homes or Houses.

We’d love to speak to you in more detail about your plans and how we can fit in with them. Simply contact us and let’s get things moving.

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New Enquiries Contact