Your responsabilities as a tenantWe face many disputes over where responsibility lies in a tenanted property when the repairs are over and above wear and tear. Where at all possible we ensure that the tenant is aware from outset of what cost will be theirs to bear. We have recently updated our Tenant Handbook (please contact us if you would like to receive a copy) to ensure this is clear from day one and covers the massive amount of issues that can be unclear. This handbook confirms the tenant’s responsibilities from day one. Below is a brief of the most common issues.

The tenant’s responsibilities in your property

  • Any Decorating inside of your house must be only with permission and to a reasonable standard and include filling minor cracks or holes in walls.
  • Fitting curtain rails, pelmets, picture rails, coat hooks and lampshades.
  • Adjusting internal doors and frames when they have carpets fitted with the Landlords permission, keeping carpets clean.
  • Keeping all drains, sinks, baths and toilets in your home free of blockages.
  • Changing tap washers and de-scaling shower heads.
  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Getting in if locked out (they will need to pay for a locksmith to attend and inform us of the lock change or we can arrange for a fee).
  • Replacing a door knocker or bell, door chain, handle or letterbox if damaged by the tenant.
  • Keeping the garden in good order and a general good state of maintenance.
  • Replacing window or door glass, unless they can provide a police crime number and it is something that the landlords insurance would cover.
  • Replacing plug fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters (internal or external).
  • Resetting trip switches. Testing and cleaning of smoke alarms and replacing batteries in battery operated smoke alarms. Testing and cleaning of carbon monoxide detectors and replacing batteries in battery operated carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Acting to reduce condensation and clean any signs of mold.
  • Exterior gas meter boxes should always be kept locked. Keys are easily obtainable from any hardware store if misplaced. Any damage to these boxes is the responsibility of the tenant.

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