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Helping Expatriates & Foreign Investors, Source Purchase & Let Residential Property In The UK



Overseas Investors

If you live overseas and want to invest in UK property it can be difficult to know just 'where to start'.

Managing a purchase from a distance can be frustrating and time consuming. At Homes Or Houses we will show you the way.


Investing Made Easy

From the first thought you have, considering UK property as an investment, through the sourcing, purchase, management and sale, Homes Or Houses manages and eases the process for you. Read our testimonials to see how simple it can be.

Calling All Tenants

At Homes or Houses we appreciate that the tenant is a crucial part of our Landlords investment and if you are looking for a home, which is well maintained and has an attentive management company, then please do contact us.

Why Not Get In Touch

Whether your looking to Invest, Rent a Property or are looking to find out more about our services. At Homes Or Houses we would love to hear from you. So why not get in touch.



Who We Are

About Us

We provide a complete and comprehensive service to UK expatriates and foreign individuals who are interested in acquiring UK property ranging from a single buy to let to a full portfolio.


Types Of Opportunity

Opportunities can come in many forms, ranging from New Build opportunities to distressed opportunities even 'being in the know' opportunities. What type is right for you?

Yields & Averages

The Returns

If you are already a Homes Or Houses client, you will already know that we strive to get all of our clients the best return for their money.

Click below to see our most recent Averages. Including average purchase prices & average gross yield of all our properties to date. Also the national average house prices.

Client Portal Login

page1_img2 Access Your Property Information At Any Time, On Any Day, From Anywhere In The World

No matter where our clients are in the world, they can access their property details through our online portal. The portal gives access to monthly and annual financial statements for each property owned, updated monthly and held throughout the period of ownership. We also offer a menu of optional uploads, making tenancy agreements, safety certificates and all manner of documentation, available to you as and when you need them.

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