What we do

We know too well, the challenges of searching for and buying property from a distance. After assisting you in making the important initial decision of whether property investment is suitable for you, we then lead you through the full process.

We provide a complete and comprehensive service to those investors who currently reside overseas who are interested in acquiring UK property ranging from a single buy-to-let to a full portfolio. With over 20 years experience of investing in the UK property market, we have a network of partners and professionals who can take you from search to completion, from tenant management to sale, acting as your consultant throughout the process.

We will source, refurbish if required, manage and sell your property when you are ready, a truly holistic service and one stop shop!


Our service covers sourcing investment property, assisted acquisition and arrangement of management of your properties letting on your behalf. The service involves the following steps:



Step 1

Initial Consultation from telephone or video call to discuss your thoughts, ideas and objectives, to identify if we are a match. We will then provide full meeting notes to confirm we are all the same understanding, in a follow up email specifying your requirements as agreed.

Step 2

You appoint us to carry out Research to your specification, providing your ID and proof of residency documents, along with evidence of your proof of funds to invest. We will then commence research, viewings and  assessments to shortlist and recommended properties specifically suitable to meet your requirements.

Step 3

When we have sourced suitable opportunities we will provide you with a financial due diligence analysis which will assess appropriate purchase offer price, yield and potential capital gain. In addition we will also report as to whether refurbishment (cosmetic or full) is required.

Step 4

We will then make the appropriate offers agreed with you, appoint solicitors and surveyors where required and will manage the full process through to legal exchange and completion.

Step 5

Assuming legal completion is achieved, an exchange fee equal to 3% of the property purchase price is payable on Legal Completion, via our invoice which will be submitted to your Solicitor. This fee is calculated on the final negotiated purchase price and does not vary in connection with the length of time of our search or the length of time for the purchase to be finalised.

Step 6

We will appoint a local professional agent in the location of your property to advertise your property on all portals and arrange all viewings. The agent will also collate all applicant ID, right to rent documentation, and credit and Landlord references prior to carrying out a full reference service. The final findings will be sent to Homes or Houses as your Consultant and will be passed to you with our recommendations for acceptance or refusal of the applications to rent your property.

Step 7

We will appoint local professional property management company on your instructions and after consideration of fees etc, to fully manage the property on an ongoing basis, they will collect rent, take maintenance calls 24/7, provide you and us (with your approval) a monthly and annual statement and deal with all issues that arise. We will continue to act as your consultant and should you decide to appoint more than one management company, we will collate their statements and reports for you for ease of reading and consideration of income and expenditure

There are numerous day to day issues with property management, that can be dealt with in your absence by us.

None of these decisions will be significantly material or indeed at a cost to you, but they may involve issues such as instructing the property manager to obtain a quote for repairs. We won’t instruct the manager to appoint a contractor without your approval, but we will arrange all of the details for you… saving you time!

Step 8

In the long term if you decide to sell, then we can manage this whole process for you too from sourcing a buyer to completing your sale


We are part of the Redress Scheme which is provided by the Property Ombudsman