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Are you an expatriate or foreign investor looking to source, purchase & let residential property in the UK?

We provide a complete and comprehensive service to UK Expatriate or Foreign individuals who are interested in acquiring UK property ranging from a single buy-to-let to a full portfolio. With over twenty years experience of investing in the UK property market, we have a network of partners and professionals who can take you from search to completion, from tenant management to sale, acting as your consultant throughout the process.

What We Do

Considering property sourcing in the UK to solidify your financial future? You’re not alone.

Many discerning investors, both UK expatriates and international enthusiasts, recognise the unparalleled potential the UK property market offers. Whether you aim to build a nest egg for retirement, secure an opulent family residence, cultivate a consistent income stream through a well-curated portfolio, or diversify your investment horizons, we understand and cater to your unique aspirations. With “Homes or Houses”, you’re not just exploring the UK property market — you’re ensuring your capital is strategically invested to amplify its growth potential.

Considering property sourcing in the UK to solidify your financial future

I’d Like To…

Build wealth for retirement

Build Wealth For Retirement

Secure your golden years with our expert guidance in the UK property market. We’ll help you invest wisely, ensuring a comfortable retirement filled with financial freedom.

Build an income-producing portfolio

Build an Income-Producing Portfolio

Elevate your income stream with a diversified property portfolio. Our strategic approach ensures consistent returns, turning your investments into reliable revenue generators.

Diversify my investments

Diversify my Investments

Break free from the constraints of traditional investments. We’ll guide you in diversifying your portfolio, tapping into the lucrative UK property market for balanced financial growth.

Explore the UK property market

Explore The UK Property Market

Navigate the complexities and rewards of the UK property market with confidence. Our expert insights equip you to make informed investment decisions that suit your needs.

Make my cash work harder

Make my Cash Work Harder

Make your idle cash work for you through targeted property investments in the UK. We identify high-growth opportunities to maximise your returns and optimise your investment.

Why Choose Us?

First Class Service

First Class Service

We exclusively work with expatriates and investors living outside of the UK

Here Throughout

Here Throughout

We arrange and manage the whole property investment process from sourcing to sale

Here to Help

Here to Help

Available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We are always on hand to help our clients any time

Ahead of the Game

Ahead of The Game

We have unique and exclusive relationships and access to investment opportunities in the North East others simply don't

Our Process

Initial  Consultation - Homes or Houses

1. Initial Consultation

Book a Discovery Call to assess your financial standing and investment goals

Personalised Guidance - Homes or Houses

2. Personalised Guidance

Our property experts will tailor recommendations based on your objectives. If we're a match, we'll pave the way for your UK property journey

Seamless Investment & Growth - Homes or Houses

3. Seamless Investment & Growth

Dive into the UK property market with our comprehensive management. Watch your investments flourish
while we handle the details

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Why Our Customers Love Us

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Super professional. Very knowledgeable. Always available and has things covered. Gives me the peace of mind to get on with the day job.

2023 - W.I. Ltd (UAE)

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HoH are a valued part of my own property portfolio who are very much part of the Family team. HoH does not act as an outside firm, and we work together as one. We each have roles and responsibilities, and fluid ways of interaction- this is a two-way relationship and HoH requires my engagement and input to enable them to perform to my expectations.

With the comfort I get from transparency, professionalism and the ‘can do, will do, it’s done’ work ethic, I as a property investor gain greater confidence to grow my portfolio and take greater risks. My growth will in turn enable HoH to grow, so we create a win-win.

2022 - M.E. Ltd (Based in Scotland with business overseas)

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The most important things to us: Trust – we trust you and believe we are in safe hands. Your knowledge - and your understanding of the market. Ease – you and the team make sure each purchase/form filling/etc. are completed easily. From my side, as I am always busy, having you and your team taking care of us – is one less thing to think/worry about!

2023 - Property with Ltd (Based in Dubai)

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You are my advisor, my manager, and my memory bank ( for the background work when I am busy! ) and everything I need to be aware of in property investment. Thank you!

2022 - M.A (Canada)

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We were informed of the services of Homes or Houses through a colleague. From the initial contact with Jackie our questions were all answered and our minds were put at ease in that we were confident that any property that we have or bought would be in good hands with Homes or Houses. We had a few problems throughout the process with banks but Jackie and her team helped us every step of the way. We were guided through some properties with even a good reccie trip so we could get a feel for the houses that we would be purchasing.

Knowing that every email and question is answered immediately gives us great confidence in Homes and Houses. After sales is also working well and the preparations to get the property ready is well managed and organised. We are informed of every step and really appreciate that fact. We look forward to working with Homes and Houses again in the future and wish them every success.

C.W (Dubai)

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Homes or Houses were brilliant from start to finish. Efficient, reliable and extremely helpful. From the price of the property to finding a tenant, just superb! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to buy an investment property.

K.D (Australia)

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Thanks to you and your team for making this so easy, Jackie. The process worked beautifully for a lazy investor like myself. I'm already saving for the next one!


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Having spent 2 years trying to find different providers for the various stages of buying a UK property from overseas, it all came together with professionalism, speed and efficiency - when I contacted Homes or Houses. The whole process only took a few weeks and was completely seamless and stress free. Homes or Houses planned each stage with precision, so that everything from purchase to refurbishing then rental flowed smoothly. Their communication, follow-up and attention to detail is faultless. I cannot recommend Homes or Houses highly enough, and have no hesitation in using them to continue building my UK property portfolio.

Y.B (Dubai / UK)

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In our current atmosphere of mediocrity, where service excellence and dedication are simply concepts beyond the great majority of so-called service providers or customer oriented services. It is rare indeed to find a service provider such as Homes Or Houses in general and Jackie Fitzgerald in particular: I am known professionally as a extremely demanding and exacting task master and I have to applaud Jackie and her people on passing with flying colours any and all tasks I have required of them.
I have no hesitation in recommending them for any UK property related service that you might require.

F.M.J. (Malta)

quote icon

Great to work with you Jackie. A fabulous service.

F.C (Dubai)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

Our service has multiple parts and is customised to you, therefore, if you are looking to invest in property, the first step is to get in touch. We will arrange a meeting with you by video or telephone, to allow us to understand your requirements and for you to understand our service. We have factsheets we can send to you (before the call), which summarise every step and allow you to be ready with questions. There is no charge for this initial consultation and usually it is a great way to decide whether property investment is right for you

What fees do you charge?

We charge 2.4 % of the negotiated property price but ONLY when you become the owner. We do not charge any fees upfront, even if the search for the right property takes time. We want you to be confident with your investment and a large financial decision of this type can take time. All other Purchase Fees (Legal) and Taxes (SDLT) are fully discussed with you at outset and all Refurbishment works (if required) or Property Management costs are discussed prior to making an offer on any property.

Can I change my mind about a property after the process has started?

Yes absolutely. We encourage investors to dig into the details and regularly we flag potential deal-breakers which may not be apparent until the purchase process has started, such as a negative point in a survey. As every property we source for our clients is different, we too are testing the suitability throughout the conveyancing process, we want success too!

Can you source finance for me?

Homes or Houses are not Finance or Mortgage Brokers. We can make a referral to those companies, we know, that specialise in overseas customers and investment properties if your own Bank cannot assist with UK property investment.

Will the property be in my name?

Yes. We facilitate an introduction to all of the professional services you will need ( Solicitors, Surveyors, Contractors etc) and act as your advocate to ensure evert t is crossed and every i is dotted, BUT, all contracts are between you and the professional service provider, the most important being the ownership of the property itself. Although we will review everything for you, your confirmation of your final review, understanding and signature is required.

What happens after I own the property?

We stay with you as your Property Agent and assist you in the appointment of all property management services and rent collection.

We outsource the financial element of Property Investment to regulated companies to take care of each of your property’s income and expenditure in a way that makes it simple to understand monthly statements and to pass the information to an accountant annually for tax purposes

We provide services for Tenant Sourcing, reference checking, move in/out, maintenance, outsourcing to specialists where required, but maintaining our advocacy role with you, we will continue to be your one point of contact

Can I buy more than one property?

There is no limit on how many properties you can purchase in the UK, as an expatriate or a foreign national. But if you are our client, we recommend you buy your first property, experience the full process and letting of the property and if you are happy with the outcome, move on to building your portfolio. All our clients start this way and some build 20/30 properties over time, we always discuss your long term aims and set a plan to help you all the way

Can you find property for me all over the UK?

We specialise in the Northeast region of England, which, as well as being the most affordable area in England, also has a diverse range of opportunities from 1 bed apartments, to student accommodation (5 universities), to large family homes and even blocks of apartments for the more seasoned investor.

If you already have property elsewhere in the UK, we do have a bespoke ‘Manage the Manager’ service, where we can assist you in having one contact point making your reporting and administration significantly easier, let us know and we can provide further details for you

Success Story

Transforming Challenges Into Profitable Investments in Newcastle

Discover Linda's remarkable journey from the Middle East to the UK property market.

In 2014, she embarked on a strategic partnership with us, navigating complex market dynamics to acquire a family-focused bungalow and lucrative apartment blocks in Newcastle.

Our case study reveals how innovative strategies transformed these investments into substantial gains.

Success Story - Transforming Challenges Into Profitable Investments

Meet The Team

Jackie Fitzgerald

Jackie Fitzgerald

Managing Director
Jackies’ idea for a Property Purchase ‘One Stop Shop’ came when she personally struggled to purchase UK investment property whilst based in the Middle East for 13 years. Even with over thirty years’ experience in Investment Financial services including as a Mortgage Broker and property investor and in addition to arranging Investments for clients internationally, Jackie still found difficulties in moving through the vendor-centric property market from overseas. Jackie can guide you through the process and has the experience to deal with any challenge you may face. Whether she has experienced the issue first hand, or found a solution for one of her clients, she is confident she can help you.
Michael Collins

Michael Collins

As a Co-Founder Michael has been with Homes or Houses since day one and has built and manages the maintenance and property refurbishments team, both employed by Homes or Houses and sub-contractors for every service our clients could require. Michaels operational ability ensures your project is costed clearly, managed efficiently and brought in on time, every time. Sourcing external contractors and maintaining those relationships to achieve services on request, to a high standard at a fair price, takes years to achieve for the benefit of our clients. Michael ensures we have a strong network of contractors and uses his organisational and communication skills to smooth what can be a chaotic and stressful process. Michael's team also take responsibility for the 24/7 maintenance available to Tenants which requires immediate decision making, cost awareness and reporting ability, he thrives on them all.

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