How Do You Source UK Properties?

At Homes or Houses we source properties from the whole of the UK market on behalf of our clients.

In the UK the most obvious place to search for property of most buyers is via estate agents. In turn a high number of estate agents advertise their Properties for Sale on the portal by the name of Rightmove.

The Rightmove portal allows us and all house buyers to search by Region, Town, or Postcode. Properties can then be filtered further, by house type, number bedrooms on price.

There are even additional filters to allow further separation by whether we are looking for an Auction or Retirement property, a new build property and so on and so forth. This portal is by far the most popular in the UK for home seekers and investors and is indeed the first port of call for most buyers or renters.

However, Rightmove move is not our sole method of sourcing, and accounts for around only 25% of properties under our consideration.

Our connections in the property market and extensive networks, built over more than a decade have formed into relationships with Auctioneers, Asset managers, Banks, Developers, and other Investors in the market.

All, either have properties for sale, on a regular basis and a constant requirement for buyers, and advertise this fact, or have properties for sale that they prefer to sell privately through their network and connections with companies such as Homes or Houses

In addition, our close relationships with Estate Agents also allows us to advise them of our appointed searches in their areas and gives the agent, potential access to our buyers for their properties, even before their customers property is advertised for sale.

This in turn allows us to have access to properties prior to the property going live on a portal such as Rightmove or indeed on the estate agents own website. Our reputation as committed buyers, encourages, and assures Estate Agents of our commitment to purchase and simultaneously achieves a swifter sale for their vendors.

Overall – the UK property market has two elements with regards to sale and purchase of property. Simply known as ‘On Market or Off Market’.

On Market

Available to all buyers through Estate Agents, New Home Developers and Public Auctions.

Off Market

Available to those within the property industry, who are known buyers and sellers, and although operating under the same law and regulations, is not as easy to access without contacts and knowledge.

At Homes or Houses, we bring our client access to both, to maximise their investment options.

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