Strategic Portfolio Expansion in the UK Property Market


In 2016, Sam, a seasoned commercial lawyer from Dubai, already an astute investor in international property markets, sought to extend his investment reach into the UK. His existing portfolio, though modest, was diverse, including properties in various locations outside the UK. The client’s ambition was not just to acquire UK properties, but to do so in a manner that complemented his busy professional life and expatriate status, while offering substantial long-term returns.

The Challenge:

Despite his investment experience, the client was relatively unfamiliar with the intricacies of the UK’s Northeast property market. He required expert guidance to understand local market dynamics, identify lucrative investment opportunities, and devise a strategy that would align with his lifestyle as an expatriate. The challenge was to ensure his investments were both profitable and manageable from afar.

Our Solution:

We implemented a tailored, two-pronged strategy:

  • Initial Investment Approach: We recommended starting with a new build property from a reputable national developer. A unique opportunity arose where the developer proposed to lease back the property for use as a showhome. This arrangement offered an attractive rental yield and a delayed start to the property’s structural warranty, providing an additional layer of investment security.
  • Portfolio Diversification and Expansion: Building on the client’s confidence in new builds, we facilitated further property purchases. A key strategy involved forging partnerships with charities and housing agencies. By investing in properties leased to these organisations, we provided the client with stable rental income, minimised management hassles, and ensured maintenance. This approach was particularly suited to the client’s preference for passive investment.

The Outcome:

As a result of our bespoke strategy, the client has expanded his portfolio to an impressive 37 houses, including his own UK residence and other significant assets and he has established a UK Limited Company with the aim of reducing his annual Tax Liability.

This expansion was achieved with minimal active involvement from the client, allowing him to focus on his primary profession. Financially, the portfolio has shown excellent growth and stability. Socially, the investments have made a positive impact by supporting housing initiatives for various communities.

The client’s investment objectives were met with a diversified, high-yielding portfolio that requires minimal management. The investments have significantly outperformed initial expectations in terms of both financial return and social impact.

This success story has bolstered our reputation as experts in crafting personalised investment strategies for international clients. It has led to increased business, particularly from expatriates and those seeking socially responsible investment opportunities.

We are dedicated to providing expert guidance, enabling our clients to navigate the complex property investment landscape confidently. Our focus remains on building long-term client relationships based on trust, expertise, and a deep understanding of the property market.

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